Hazelmere Honey Co

We are a small farm in the Hazelmere Valley, Surrey, BC that produces small batches of artisan honey and organically grown vegetables.

A variety of food sources are important for bees as well as humans, so we plant to provide our bees with a continuous source of varied and nutritious food. We also plant to introduce tastes, flavours and nutrition to our honey.

We started out organically growing friuts and vegetables. It seemed that our squash were not getting fully pollinated and we heard that bees were having a hard time so we thought we may be able to help each other out. Our first hives were ordered.

The first year we got honey and thought it was something special so we wanted to share it. It was different to the store bought ones that we were used to, it reminded me of honey as a child. We knew that some honey is more nutritious depending on the pollen source. Buckwheat honey for instance is high in natural antioxidants but it has a very sharp taste. We wanted to achieve higher nutrition value but without the strong tastes, so we planted a quarter acre of buckwheat and noticed the texture of the honey changed. We realised we where on to something and started to plant for the bees and with some fine tuning we came up with a taste that we love and hope that you will too.

Of course with all this planting and pollinating we end up with a lot of produce. We like to combine that produce with honey to produce some interesting and delicious recipes.
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