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Our signature small batch unpasteurized Raw honey comes from our organically managed hives on our farm in the Hazelmere Valley, South Surrey, BC. It has taken us years to get the right balance of nutrition and taste in our honey.

As you know all honeys are not equal, becasue of the flowers the bees forage from some are more nutritious than others. You probably have heard that the darker honeys are more nutritious, for instance the Buckwheat honeys are said to be high in Anti oxidants but they are also strong in taste.

We found that we didn't like the strong taste of dark honeys but wanted the extra nutrition and anti oxidants in our honey. We started to plant some Buckwheat, Enough to get some nutrition but not enough to overpower the flavour. We found the addition of certain crops added to the taste and it did slightly darken our light honey to a medium gold. As we experimented we found that we liked the tastes of certain crops, we began to nurture this and by supplying our bees a steady supply of flowering crops not only did we end up with happy and healthy bees but we developed a honey with a taste we love and know you will too.

Crops to expect in this honey are Flowering Kale, Broccoli, Dandelion, Maple and Willow trees, Orchard Blossoms (Cherry, Apple, Pear, Plum, and Kiwi) Buckwheat, Mustard Flower, Blackberry, Blueberry, White Clover, Peppers, Tomatoes and many more.

Honey for shipping is bottled in a squeezable BPA free plastic skep shaped bottle. Unless otherwise stated.
Note : Honey is heavy and as such shipping charges can be relatively high for single bottles. You may find you can ship a larger quantity for very little extra shipping.
Honey Single 375ml In BPA Free Plastic $12.0 CAD

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Honey Six Pack In BPA Free Plastic $68.5 CAD

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Honey Six Pack In Glass $68.5 CAD

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Our products are seasonal, Please check back soon.
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